Providing choice and value to your families and a boost to your bottom line.


Providing choice and value to your families and a boost to your bottom line.

Just as cremation is on the rise, so are the number of families choosing cremation options that do not involve the cemetery.

“Families are just not choosing to go to the cemetery after cremation.”

“Our families do not want to spend a lot on the cremation burial.”

“Everything has gotten so expensive and it takes too long to arrive.”

Cemeteries are facing increasing competition from alternative options, higher construction costs, and extended lead times. The Mausolino utilizes excess or less desirable crypt inventory to provide cemeteries with 78, immediate, dignified, and value-minded cremation niches.

We understand the difficulties cemeteries are having attracting the cremation consumer.

The Masuolino was created as another option to meet their needs and provide a solution to a cemetery’s most common cremation concern.

The Merendino Mausolino provides key benefits that many other niche systems cannot.

Manufactured locally using Lean methods.

Can be installed for a fraction of the cost of traditional niches.

Ready in weeks, not months.

Repurposes unused or less desirable crypt space, both interior and exterior.

Can be installed by in-house staff.

Just a few steps to order…

1 – Take a few measurements of the crypt.

We will have a form and instructions all ready for you.

2 – Email the form and a few pictures to us.

This allows us to make sure the Mausolino is manufactured to your specifications.

3 – The Mausolino will arrive in a few weeks.

We will either ship it to you or deliver it if you requested installation by us.

Merendino Cemetery Care understands the challenges cemeteries face.

We understand the Mausolino is not going to solve all of the challenges cemeteries face when it comes to cremation, but it is another tool to help you provide the value and service your families deserve and what cemeteries often struggle to find.

Whether you are looking to create some immediate inventory, find another purpose for several crypts that just aren’t selling, or maybe you want to provide free, or low cost options to your families, under-served communities or Veteran organizations, the Mausolino provides an option to help you do just that.

Merendino Cemetery Care understands the challenges cemeteries face, and our products and services are focused exclusively for the Cemetery client. Give us a call today to see how we can be of service.

Merendino Cemetery Care has been pouring monument foundations within our grounds for over ten years, each location is measured, and completed with precision. The work is always neat and met in a timely manner. Our most recent project with Merendino was to install a truss foundation. Throughout the entire process the workers treated the grounds with dignity and respect to visitors. The completed project makes identifying graves easily accessible for sales and interments. The work that was performed enhances our ability to showcase and secure all monuments.  We look forward to continuing to work with Merendino Cemetery Care.