Holy Innocents Mausolino

A place to heal.

Holy Innocents Mausolino

A place to heal.

Mothers who lose a child to miscarriage or stillbirth grieve for the loss of their child, just like any other loss. But unlike other losses, these mothers are not being afforded the same opportunities. And that is simply wrong. The Holy Innocents Mausolino Program not only provides a dignified burial alternative, but also the tools to help you better serve these grieving parents. So, you can start making a difference in these grieving families lives.

Stop losing families to scattering ashes and make your cemetery relevant again

We know it is hard to stay relevant when people “just want to be cremated.”

Parents will choose your cemetery for burial because they want to be close to their unborn child.

Give parents a place to name their child.

Keep families together.

Stay top of mind.

A dignified and affordable burial.

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See the difference in these mothers’ lives.

Let’s do more, together!

Within the next 10 years in the United States alone, over 6.5 million mothers will deliver a miscarried or stillborn child. These grieving families are not being served and we are allowing trends, policies, or bottom lines to take the place of safe and sacred places.

Stop feeling like your work at the cemetery does not matter. The Holy Innocents Mausolino affords an opportunity to help families through their pregnancy loss and provides a place in your cemetery for families to have alternatives to traditional medical waste disposition.

In addition, Merendino offers a tool kit and training to help you better serve these families. Schedule an appointment with us now and see how the Holy Innocents Mausolino can be a benefit to your families and your cemetery.